Robert J. Consavage ’87 died December, 24, 2011.
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In Memory remembrance prepared by Ted Putala '87 for the Summer 2012 magazine

I remember Bob Consavage standing tall in the hallways of fourth-floor James freshman year.  Immediately, he was "Big Bob" to all of us.  His large fatherly hands interpreted justice for us sometimes, as he took naturally to authority, (not that all of us appreciated authority all the time).  A paramedic in the summertime, he stood confident at handling any emergency.  Early on in his college career he became a sort of adjunct member of security, and he eased me through a scrape or two, an escort home when I had too much beer at least on one occasion.  But we all found out soon enough, when the time was right, that the sort of badge he held with authority and dignity he also kept with an understanding and a kindness.  And even back then, it was revealed he wore his role with a fine sense of humor, which then meant that you knew him well and were, proudly, his friend.  No doubt, his wit was keen, and I wondered at his fine embellishments as my college career progressed.  Somehow it is appropriate that I remember Benjamin DeMott calling out Bob's name, in English 11 our freshman year, as only DeMott could call out a name as richly, "Mr. Consavage," with all its hues of understanding, one large and erudite fellow regarding another.
We were looking forward to seeing Bob at our 25th, to reconnecting and finding out what he'd been up to.  The last time I saw him, at a homecoming, years ago, he admonished me for falling in with bad influences and, again, having too much beer the night before.  I wanted to thank him for that.  I am certain he was, as he was cut out to be, a fine father and husband and all-around guy.  He was an essential part of the Amherst experience of growing up, and I wish his family to know that he was held in great affection and appreciation.
-Ted Putala '87