Deceased July 16, 2019

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In Memory

Michael Noone died unexpectedly on July 16, 2019. Mike played on the hockey and golf teams and was named captain of the hockey team his senior year. Those lucky enough to have known Mike agree he was one of the kindest humans they ever met. He was shy at first, yet possessed the sharpest of wits. Mike’s modesty was legendary; you may not have guessed he even played hockey, but from 1994 to 1998 he was one of the best players in the country. Mike graduated fourth in all-time scoring at Amherst. He was a pass-first player who led by example. His life mirrored his hockey style; he would think of himself second and led a passionate purposeful life by example.

After graduating, Mike was an assistant with the Jeffs; he then coached the JV team at his high school alma mater for the past 15 years. In 2011 Mike quit the finance industry and became a teacher. It was brave, as he had recently met the love of his life and future bride, Sara. Mike’s brilliance on the ice rink was eclipsed by his ability as an educator. Mike taught passionately in the social studies department at Melrose High School for the past six years. 

Mike and Sara welcomed a son into the world in August 2017, seemingly making Mike’s life complete. He embraced fatherhood as he did everything in his life; he was passionate, caring, calm, focused and always put himself second. Mike was never the loudest in the room, but he was the funniest. His humor was never at the expense of a teammate or friend; his heart was too kind.

Thomas Carideo ’98