Hansoo Lee '00

Deceased March 2003

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I had the pleasure of being on the ski team with Hansoo in the late 90's. We worked out together, shared meals in Valentine, and went on many race road trips throughout New England. Hansoo was always smiling and adding to the laughter of any room. Like most of us, he was an amateur skier, just out to enjoy the mountain and club style competition. I think of him fondly during that time, and regret not staying in touch as our lives took up in separate directions after graduation. Rest in peace Hansoo, and God bless.

I transferred to Amherst sophomore year and, along with the other transfer students, was housed in Morrow Dormitory.  In what turned out to be a fantastic stroke of luck for us, Hansoo hadn’t done well in Room Draw and was also "stuck" in Morrow. We all became fast friends due to this terrific twist of fate. Hansoo’s thrill for life and consistently joyous nature were immediately evident, and we easily and quickly developed a friendship that continued on through post-college years in the Bay area. He was always quick-witted, spontaneous, inclusive, thoughtful, and wholly dedicated to whatever he was doing (be it “fun” or “work”). At his memorial service I was touched but not surprised by the vast diversity and number of people in attendance. Yet we all shared stories about Hansoo with very similar underlying themes, whether about baseball cards, beer pong, travel, or his incredible entrepreneurship (especially at Magoosh). This made complete sense in light of Hansoo’s steadfast character. 

Our 10-year reunion was a perfect weekend in which most of our senior year room group (Hansoo, Jennie Weiner, Mike DeMichele, and I) and significant others relived old Amherst memories. We also got to meet Wendy, Hansoo’s [then soon to be] fiancé. It was immediately apparent how absolutely perfect she and Hansoo were together, and how seamlessly she fit into our group dynamic. We couldn’t have been happier that Hansoo had found the love of his life. Even though it’s two years away, I already anticipate how much sadness and loss we’ll feel at our 15-year without Hansoo. He was such a strong presence in my time at Amherst, and I know there will always be a huge gap without him. In honor of his truly wonderful spirit, I will strive to emulate his thoughtfulness, dedication to whatever task is at hand, and sheer joy for life.