Deceased May 23, 2019

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In Memory

Luke was one of our first and best friends at Amherst, and that relationship stood the test of time. We were immediately attracted to his passion for everything and willingness to go further than others in whatever we did. He was the guy whom we aspired to meet in college but thought only existed in movies; we were very wrong about that. Luke was larger than life with a heart that his body could hardly contain. 

Whether reacting to a joke with his contagious laugh, focusing on the details while cooking innovative and delicious food or dedicating his time and money to a worthy cause, nothing was unimportant. He approached his passions with incomparable fire. There was great depth to everything he did. 

He truly was a unique soul, and we will miss him more than he could know. We didn’t worry about Luke because he always looked to the future with positivity and excitement; that makes his passing so much harder to grasp. 

Because of his big personality and impact, he left a large imprint on our lives that will not fade with time. He knew our children, spouses and parents, and they feel the same as we do. 

We are fortunate to have had him in our lives and to have called him a friend whom we loved as our brother. 

Jamie Greenthal ’00, John Maguire ’00 and Ben Mathes ’00