Deceased November 4, 2000

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In Memory

With great sadness, I write to report that Matthew Hunt passed away on Nov. 4, 2000. Matt is survived by his parents, Kevin and Joan, his sister Carolyn, his brother Stephen, his longtime girlfriend Michelle Donovan and countless relatives and friends.

Those of us who met Matt at Amherst College were enriched by his humor, energy and excitement. Matt’s magnetic personality was cherished by his friends. He lived life with an enviable fervor and spurred others to do the same. His intellect, empathy and individuality drew people to him. I was hardly surprised when Matt decided to major in psychology. He was uncannily observant and regularly cogitated on the niceties of human nature. He always enjoyed getting a rise out of his friends and because of his keen perceptiveness knew just which buttons to push. More than a source of great comic material, Matt’s perceptiveness also provided his friends an amazing opportunity to learn a great deal about themselves. Matt’s friendship not only made our lives fuller, it also made us better people. His ability to enliven any room or conversation was complemented by an equally remarkable talent for making those around him feel at ease. He took pleasure in making others laugh and regardless of where he was always seemed to draw an audience. I became friends with Matt our freshman year in South Dorm, where he would often walk into my room, sit down on the couch and make himself right at home. He would trade stories with whomever was in the room, and we would all be in tears from laughter by the end. The conversations never grew old, as there were always fresh stories to tell and past jokes to recant. As many of his friends will attest to, life around Matt was never boring.

Matt enjoyed being around people, genuinely appreciated his professors, was loyal to his friends, admired and revered his parents and took great pride in his siblings. He loved talking about his brother Stephen’s athletic achievements, his sister Carolyn’s high school years, his father’s dry humor and his mother’s caring and concern. He spoke fondly of his Spanish professor and was grateful for the mentorship of his coaches. 

Matt played football at Amherst, though he battled some injuries and disappointments. Matt was one of the fastest receivers on the team, and he wasn’t afraid to tell you so. He made significant contributions our freshman year, and had he enjoyed better luck, his football career at Amherst would have likely lived up to even his expectations. Matt enjoyed the rivalry that receivers and defensive backs shared during daily practices. He brought humor to the locker room with, among other things, his unparalleled imitation of Coach McBride.

Following his graduation, Matt moved to Miami for several months to unwind from his college days and spend some time with Michelle. By the time Matt moved back to Boston, he seemed refreshed and invigorated. He spent time with family and friends and was excited about the prospects of his new job. Matt was looking forward to the next stage of his life, and he had great hopes for the future.

During the ceremony celebrating Matt’s life, it was mentioned that, “It’s not necessarily how long you live, but how you live, that matters.” This rings true in my mind when I think of Matt. Though his time was short, Matt touched many lives and gave much of himself. His humor, wit, caring and generosity will be sorely missed and always remembered. He was a loving son, a proud brother, a caring nephew and a great friend.  

Alex Tracy ’99
Jeff Coviello ’99