Deceased May 17, 2010

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In Memory
Adrian    Moore-Pleasant

Adrian Moore-Pleasant passed away on May 17, 2010, after a 16-month battle with brain cancer. Adrian is survived by his parents; his sister, Emily; and his fiancée, Young May Cha ’04.

We met Adrian our sophomore year while we were living in Newport. Most of our friends from freshman year were dispersed across campus, and we quickly established a close relationship with Adrian. We called him “MP.”

Adrian was an exceptional person in every respect. He was kind and generous. Whenever we had something remotely serious to discuss or needed help, he was always there. When one of us broke our foot while living in Newport, it was Adrian who made sure that the experience was tolerable through his company and his willingness to assist on basic tasks and errands. This kindness extended to everyone he interacted with, and it is what the people who knew him remember most about him. While at Amherst, Adrian volunteered in a decisional training program at a local penitentiary, helping inmates begin the process of constructing decent lives for themselves after prison. As an attorney at a private firm in Atlanta, Adrian cared deeply about helping others and worked actively at Habitat for Humanity.

Adrian was very smart but never displayed his intelligence in a hostile or arrogant manner. He was funny and fun to be around. He was a good athlete and excelled at tennis in high school. Adrian also had an amazing voice. He was a tenor in the Glee Club and took voice lessons while at Amherst to develop his natural talents.

We struggle to find the fairness in the loss of our good friend. Yet perhaps this is the wrong perspective. It would have been much more unfair, at least to us, not to have someone like Adrian in our lives. He made his mark on our hearts and memory, and we will be forever grateful that he did. We will miss you very much, MP.

Bradley Lucas ’03
Dan Murillo ’03