Nora W. Moore died April 24,2004.
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Nora Wood Moore

Nora Wood Moore was a great classmate, dorm mate, human being and friend. Like all people worth knowing in this life, she made us feel at once both timid and exhilarated. She projected such a potent and inspiring personality that she forced us to overcome our laziness, our fear, and our inhibitions, making us realize that there was a good time to be had, rain or shine. We imagine that she might have been just as insecure and callow as any other college freshman, but to this day we cannot tell for certain because of the way she lived.

 We still recall hearing the patent clicking of her high heels, which were most likely a recent gift to herself in another instance of her unique and unforgettable way of dealing with bad days (or good ones, as a matter of fact!). More often than not, she was beginning another mission to bring some light to the dingy corridors of Stearns Dormitory. We felt at once that a storm was brewing, a storm bearing that welcome downpour essential to life. Nora changed our perspective on what a full life truly means. Whether she was facing danger head on as she sat on the sill of her open window, or making the best of an opportunity by studying hard and succeeding at Amherst, Nora lived well and happily. Despite the year’s challenges, she made our livesand the lives of so many othersmore joyful with her vivacity and her spirit. 

 As her friends, we hope that all the people she touched throughout her lifeespecially those she knew for the short months of our first year at Amherstlive each day trying to bring just a little of what they learned from her to the people they love. If we all do our best, we might scratch the surface of what Nora meant to this world. Thank you, Nora. You will forever be missed and your memory forever cherished.

Submitted by a group of friends

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