In his Johnson Chapel address, Paul Rieckhoff ’98 offered the Class of 2013 a list of 50 things to do while a student at Amherst. A selection from his list (in no particular order):

  • Take one class each with Austin Sarat and Hadley Arkes. “See if you can get them to debate each other or even fight each other.”
  • Try to meet members of the Hurricane Class of 1938. Find out which of the five characters of Scooby Doo represents each of the Five Colleges.
  • Work as a bartender at Reunion. “The tips are good and the stories are priceless. That’s how I found out about the Hurricane Class.”
  • “Write, write, write.”
  • Take care of each other. “Some of you have met people this weekend who will one day walk in your wedding ... and speak at your funeral.”