"Teachers teach subjects," says Barry O’Connell, "But they also teach persons."

Barry O'Connell, the James E. Ostendarp Professor of English, with Sarah Perez '11

In his career, Professor O’Connell estimates he has taught more than 10,000 students, developing lasting friendships with many—part of what he considers his enormous “extended family.”

Herein lies one of Amherst’s defining characteristics: the commitment of faculty members to their students. “It’s not just a matter of getting to know the work that you’re handing in on paper,” says Sarah Perez ’11 of her professors, “but getting to know you as a person so that you can actually grow as a person in your education.”

Every day at Amherst, students and professors meet in classrooms and offices across campus to explore ideas, to talk about the future and to take part in research more often found at universities than liberal arts colleges. The Lives of Consequence campaign seeks to build on this powerful educational model for today’s students and for generations to come.

Lives of Consequence will give the college broader access to the best students, enhance teaching and scholarship and extend the Amherst learning experience far beyond the classroom. All gifts and pledges made during the campaign will count toward the campaign’s $425 million goal. Learn how you can support Lives of Consequence at www.amherst.edu/campaign.

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