President Anthony W. Marx with Senior Speaker Marshall Nannes '09
From the Commencement Day speech of Senior Speaker Marshall Nannes '09

In our last minutes before becoming alumni, let us look back and hastily remember how good we’ve had it. Nowhere else will professors go to such lengths to help, educate, nurture and inspire their students. I think of the experience of Professor Klára Móricz in the music department, who happily answered seven thesis-related e-mails a night from my perennially stressed roommate.

But if you need help on a report at your job, I’m sure the CEO won’t have weekly office hours. He or she won’t read your drafts. Your best chance to discuss it may be simply to run alongside a golf cart and shout questions between holes.

Nowhere else will we walk such immaculately maintained grounds, where freshly mulched flower beds, neatly trimmed lawns and breathtaking mountain vistas are so common they are often taken for granted. We will soon realize that perhaps nowhere in the world is there a more beautiful running path than the one that winds through our wildlife sanctuary. And sadly, nowhere else will people tolerate our complaints about a five-minute walk from our homes to our workplaces.

Photo by Samuel Masinter '04