Compiled by Katherine Duke ’05

2013: Raising the Earth to the Next Vibration
By Richard Grossinger ’66 (North Atlantic Books)
Grossinger explores metaphysical concepts in the context of 21st-century life.

The Chrysanthème Papers: The Pink Notebook of Mad­ame Chrysanthème and Other Documents of French Japonisme
By Christopher Reed ’84 (University of Hawai’i Press)
Includes Reed’s introduction and English translation of Félix Régamey’s The Pink Notebook of Madame Chrysanthème, Régamey’s original French version and other selections.

Higher Education?: How Col­leges Are Wasting Our Money and Failing Our Kids—and What We Can Do About It
By Andrew Hacker ’51 and Claudia Dreifus (Henry Holt and Co.)
The authors explore why college is so expensive, how many schools are failing in their missions and which institutions are “getting it right.”

Hollywood Goes Oriental: CaucAsian Performance in American Film
By Karla Rae Fuller ’80 (Wayne State Uni­versity Press)
Fuller examines the practice, in mid-20th-century Hollywood, of casting Caucasian actors to play iconic and archetypical Asian characters.

James Ingram Merrill: A Des­criptive Bibliography
By Jack W.C. Hagstrom ’55 and Bill Morgan (Oak Knoll Press)
A comprehensive list of all books, periodicals, recordings, translations, critiques and biographies associated with Merrill and his work, prepared with the cooperation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet himself, a 1947 Amherst graduate who died  in 1995.

Longfellow’s Evangeline: An Adaptation in Modern Verse
By H.R. Coursen ’54 (Just Write Books)
Coursen’s retelling of the epic poem, a preface by Charles Calhoun, a brief biography of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and color illustrations

The Many Faces of Weimar Cinema: Rediscovering Germany’s Filmic Legacy
Edited by Christian Rogowski, professor of German (Boydell & Brewer)
Perspectives on German filmmaking from the years of the Weimar Republic, emphasizing lesser-known directors and producers, popular genres, nonfiction film and the avant-garde

Nabokov, Perversely
By Eric Naiman ’79 (Cornell University Press)
The connections between sexual themes in Vladimir Nabokov’s writings and readers’ anxiety in trying to interpret these writings

The Nohnlove: Collected Poems & Stories
By B. Dichter (Benjamin D. Gordon ’47, M.D.) (Xlibris)
Most of the poems in this collection relate to the author’s career in medicine. 

Ride the Buffalo’s Back
By Gregory Ellis ’72 (Little Song Press)
Ellis’s novel, set in 1974, follows a recent graduate as he travels with a band and obsesses over his brother’s death in Vietnam.

Shadows Over Sundials: Dark and Light: Life in a Large Outside World
By C. Stephen Baldwin ’60 (iUniverse)
A memoir about Baldwin’s time as a “Foreign Service brat,” as a population and development specialist and as a charter school founder.

Werkausgabe of literature by Anna Seghers
Including short stories, edited by Ute Brandes, Lurcy Professor of German (Aufbau-Verlag)
Brandes restores the original features of texts by Seghers.

The Werewolves
By H.R. Coursen ’54 (Just Write Books)
Coursen’s 30th novel follows a wounded veteran assigned to infiltrate and bring down a modern-day American fascist organization.

A Window in Time: Merrimack Farmers’ Exchange in Crisis and Transition
By Charles F. Sheridan ’48 (Privately published by the author)
Sheridan was a lawyer for the Merrimack Farmers’ Exchange in New Hampshire when the first of three scandals began to bring about the cooperative’s demise. To order, contact Sheridan at

Yellowing Leaves and Promissory Notes
By Seth E. Frank ’55 (New Eden Press)
Frank’s fourth and fifth collections of poetry