References to the Fairest College in Animal House, Titanic and more

The recent Mad Men season included a character who went to Mount Holyoke. That  got us thinking about Amherst College references on TV and film. We asked our more than 1,000 Twitter followers to name their favorites. Here is a sampling of what they wrote: 

dybner: My favorite is “I’m Frank Lyman from Amherst” [Animal House]. Note that Frank Lyman’s name appears on the plaque under the Rte. 9 bridge.

willdix55: Gotta be Carnal Knowledge, with Nicholson and Garfunkel as Amherst boys ... .

AndyWinchell: Partial to our ALF episode, bizarre pronunciation and lack of financial aid notwithstanding

imsoftness: studio 60 on the sunset strip: amanda peet’s [Amherst] sweatshirt.

RobynBahr: In the Woody Allen movie “Small Time Crooks,” Hugh Grant’s character talks about how he used to teach art at Amherst.

dancluchey: It’s got to be Animal House. No contest.

mikeoliver: the lord jeff inn cameo in Malice (1993)

benlin27: “Titanic” from 1953, cast sings Lord Jeffery Amherst around a piano in the ship

btmeacham: Happy to hear Amherst (pronounced correctly) as one of Julie Taylor’s finalists on a recent episode of “Friday Night Lights.” [David Nevins ’88 is an executive producer of that show.]

AmherstCollege: Thanks to @tgeindc [Thomas Esch ’92] for telling us about the Sports Night episode where Jeremy e-mails his sister at Amherst.

AmherstCollege: @JoshAnish [Josh Anish ’99] notes that in “Basquiat,” Jeffrey Wright [’87] wears a shirt that reads “Who is Amherst?”

elizabethminkel: Dear @AmherstCollege: Please declare the Titanic clip the winner!

elizabethminkel: I mean, it’s nowhere near as moving as [“Nearer My God to Thee,” from 1997’s Titanic] but it’s clearly the superior song choice when you’re on a sinking ship.

Real names of Tweeters, from top: Ariel Dybner ’90, Willard Dix ’77, Andy Winchel ’90, Ben Softness ’06, Robyn Bahr ’10, Dan Cluchey ’08, Mike Oliver ’97, Benjamin Lin ’12, Brian Meacham ’97 and Elizabeth Minkel ’07