• “Biddy’s entire record demonstrates that she knows how to spend money effectively, save money intelligently and raise money in good times and bad,” says John Servos, Anson D. Morse Professor of History and Presidential Search Committee member.
  • “Biddy has a disarming smile, a ready laugh and a sense of humor that she does not exercise at the expense of others. But there is no mistaking that she is tough-minded when the occasion demands it,” says Don Randel, president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, former president of the University of Chicago and former provost of Cornell University.
  • “She wanted to know how often this year we had beaten Williams. Gladly, I could tell her that we won more than 70 percent of our contests against the Ephs. Her response? She thinks we can probably improve on that record!” says Suzanne P. Coffey P’04, director of athletics and Presidential Search Committee member.
  • “She is funny and refreshingly candid, independent, iconoclastic, disarmingly personal, never stiff. She is one of the most thoughtful and incisive speakers you will hear all year. No specious rhetoric, no cant, no humdrum,” says Hunter Rawlings, president emeritus of Cornell University and president of the Association of American Universities.
  • “Biddy Martin is a product of the liberal arts—for her, as for so many, the liberal arts formed the essential bridge from one world to another,” says Cullen Murphy ’74, Amherst College trustee, Presidential Search Committee member and editor-at-large at Vanity Fair.
  • “Her previous student body organized a flash mob performance to celebrate her birthday, and this, mind you, is after she successfully passed a bill specifically aimed at raising tuition (a measure Biddy Martin made sure was endorsed by students)!” says Isaac Cameron ’11, Presidential Search Committee member.