• Hooked
    Kiyoshi Mino ’01 turns clumps of wool into animal sculptures that “blow taxidermy away.”

  • Choosing to Survive
    In The Gods of Heavenly Punishment, Jennifer Cody Epstein ’88 weaves personal stories around an upending central act: the 1945 firebombing of Tokyo.

  • Everyone Liked Harry
    The Hopkins Touch, by David L. Roll ’62, is about the FDR loyalist who mediated the monumental egos within the alliance to defeat Hitler.

  • Beyond the Personal
    In The Invisible War, Amy Ziering ’84 chronicles sexual assault in the military.

  • What Did Zeke Emanuel’s Mother Put in the Cereal?
    Brothers Emanuel is not a political or celebrity tell-all, although it does expose some childhood mayhem.
  • Short Takes
    Summer’s the time to trek around the globe and back through history with Amherst authors.