• After the Meltdown
    A young protagonist lives through her own mini post-apocalypse, believing she will be held accountable for the actions of her father, a nuclear officer at an ill-fated plant.

  • Pretending that Everyone Flourished
    In the 19th-century American South, thoroughbred racing intersected with slavery in important and surprising ways.

  • Music Maker
    Instead of turning into an “alcoholic teacher in a small college” (ouch!), a young guitarist became a pioneering record producer.

  • Villains and Maids
    Wendy Rich Stetson ’91 saw a James Lapine play while at Amherst. This year, she acted in one.

  • Paris as Protagonist
    When the Nazi swastika fluttered atop the Eiffel Tower, what was it like to live in the City of Light?

  • Short Takes