Amherst Magazine: Winter 2015

Winter 2015 cover: Alicia Glen ’88
Alicia Glen ’88

Keys to the City
By Rand Richards ​Cooper ’80
As a deputy mayor of New York City, Alicia Glen ’88 is working to make housing more affordable for the 99 percent.

Watercolor illustration in 4 panels; man diving into blue pool

By Emily Gold Boutilier
In one art history seminar, each student spends four months on a single work of art.

Collage: old postcard, stamp with Hitler's portrait, drawing of buildings, tanks, boy running with hoop and stick Point of View
George Bria ’38 on his life as a World War II correspondent in Italy, and as a 99-year-old today.



Amherst Made
Bill Wasik ’96 invented the flash mob.