Prayer books

A New Way to Pray

by William Sweet

A Reform rabbi led a sweeping rewrite of the High Holiday prayer book.

Illustration by Hanna Barczyk

Another Reason to Check Your Kid's Phone

by Katherine Duke '05

In “Does This Tweet Make Me Look Fat?” a psychologist studied how social media can stigmatize weight.

Ken Danford

Beyond High School

by Katherine Duke '05

When a disillusioned teacher chose to leave the system, he created a way for teens to leave it, too.

International Lay

Immersed in International Law

by Lori Atherton

A lawyer will head to The Hague to clerk for a United Nations judge. 

Interior of a Puget Sound art museum

The Puget Sound is the New Hudson River

by Katherine Duke '05

Seattle is not known for its rich art heritage. One collector aims to change that.