Buckley Hall

Buckley Recital Hall Buckley Recital Hall: “I spent a lot of time rehearsing and performing with the Zumbyes and Concert Choir. Nothing was more thrilling than to look out from the stage of Buckley Recital Hall at a full house.” Jonathan, class of 1995

Kirby Theater

Kirby Theater

Kirby Theater: Kirby theater is my favorite place at Amherst. My late wife acted in my first produced play there in 1960.” Steven, class of 1960

 The Octagon

The Octagon The Octagon: “So many memories. A great space for conversations, classes, performances and tears (of joy, sorrow and otherwise). A crucial part of my Amherst experience. Great view as well.” Chad, class of 1997

 Merrill Science Center

Merrill Science Center Merrill Science Center: “Definitely a lot of my hours, and most of my mental capabilities, were spent in the physics lounge in the basement of Merrill Science Center!” Brian, class of 2005

 View from Atop Johnson Chapel

View from atop Johnson Chapel View from Atop Johnson Chapel: “When Alpha Delt had the campus mail route, one of our late afternoon responsibilties was to take down the American flag from the top of the Chapel.” Edward, class of 1966 

 The Bird Sanctuary

The Bird Sancutuary The Bird Sanctuary: “The Bird Sanctuary was a sanctuary for me, too. I sought the quiet and solitude of the trails. The modest explorations they offered were small but precious reminders of home.” Alex, class of 1996 

 Barrett Hall

Barrett Hall Barrett Hall: “Poor little Barrett Hall. I was a French major. My grandparents met there at a tea dance when it used to be the gym. (She was Smith. He was Amherst.)” Catherine, class of 1980