Art news and reviews

  • Charmingly Gruesome
    Before it was a book, Cadaver was an animated short starring Tavi Gevinson, Kathy Bates and Christopher Lloyd.

  • Confronting the Mountain
    In his engrossing first novel, The Storms of Denali, Nicholas O’Connell ’80 tells a Conradian tale. 

  • Reviewing the Reviewer
    In What’s Been Happening to Jane Austen, William H. Pritchard ’53, the Henry Clay Folger Professor of English, takes on the matter of overintellectualization. 

  • The Kidnapper Speaks
    Schroder, by Visiting Writer Amity Gaige, is inspired by a con man who impersonated a Rockefeller and abducted his own daughter.
  • Sometimes the Bison, Sometimes the Settler
    Ghost Dances: Proving Up on the Great Plains, by Josh Garrett-Davis ’02, is the confession that the land itself would write if it could.

  • Short Takes