[Singing] Compare the Singing College of the 1920s to that of today. As a fundraiser, Choral Society students have created two new compilation CDs. One features Choral Society songs from the past 20 years. The other collects music performed by the men’s Glee Club from 1925 to the present. The result of hundreds of hours of listening to old recordings, the CDs together include 46 songs, including these:    

  • 1925: "Lord Jeffery Amherst"
  • 1940: "Paige’s Horse"
  • 1954: "Old Amherst’s Out for Business"
  • 1969: "Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes" (recorded in the Temple of Bacchus, Lebanon, during the 1969 World Tour)
  • 1995: "Ave Maria"
  • 2012: "Five Hebrew Love Songs"

The CDs are $15 each or $25 for both. MP3s are $10 for each album. To order, contact mchernin@amherst.edu.