Discovered November 12, 2008 during excavations adjacent to Hitchcock House, formerly Alpha Delta Phi fraternity house. Probably buried October 1964.

•    All items were placed in a clear plastic bag inside a metal serving pitcher of the sort probably used in the Alpha Delta Phi dining room.

•    Student ID, [name omitted], 1963-1964

•    A contemporary (fall 1964) issue of The New Republic magazine; cover headline reads “How Goes the Campaign?”

•    A Pelican paperback edition of Shakespeare’s King Lear

•    Music program: “Concert by the Amherst College Glee Club and the Oneonta State Women’s Glee Club, Assisted by the Amherst College Collegium Musicum,” Saturday, December 7, 1963 in Kirby Theater.

•    You’re Out of Your Mind, Charlie Brown! (paperback)

•    Issue of The Amherst Student, October 8, 1964

•    Small banner or strip in day-glo red with black letters. Only legible text reads “FOR T”