I have just learned that a troubling email was sent to our student residential counselors last week from the Office of Residential Life, offering advice for Homecoming Weekend. The content of this communication is offensive and the sending of it shows remarkably poor judgment. The email appears to have originated from a document that was several years old. It includes unwarranted and crass characterizations of our alumni.  As current and former students have pointed out, it also seems to assign exclusively to students the responsibility for avoiding "unwanted sexual advances." The comment offered earlier today by the college's Office of Public Affairs in response to media inquiries was inadequate.

I want to apologize on behalf of the College to our alumni, our students, and the rest of the community. Given the seriousness with which we take sexual assault, our commitment to changing how we address it, and the comprehensive strategies we are putting in place, these failures of judgment are most disappointing.  We will take appropriate measures to address them.