March 7, 2017

Dear Members of the Community,

President Trump released a revised travel ban late yesterday. It includes six predominantly Muslim countries, Iraq having been removed from the previous list of seven. The ban does not apply to existing visa or green card holders and is being implemented over a longer period of time to avoid the confusion that ensued after the first travel ban was issued.

While the ban now affects fewer people and, in the specific case of higher education, fewer current students, its damaging effect on prospective students at all our colleges and universities remains. The ban continues to prohibit travel for citizens of six of the seven original countries. It still could inhibit students from those countries or members of their families from travelling due to anxiety about the possibility of the rules shifting yet again. The ban also may adversely impact academic collaboration outside of the country.

Over time the limits on travel to the United States and study at its colleges and universities will harm our educational institutions and the country itself. We value national security and support carefully reasoned and measured efforts to ensure our safety. Citizens of predominately Muslim countries and individuals who are Muslim do not pose a risk to national security simply by virtue of their citizenship or faith.

We have not only updated our website on immigration issues, but have created a landing page designed to help you find information quickly and easily on a broad set of matters. We encourage all students who are either directly or indirectly affected to seek the forms of support that are spelled out on the site, including consulting with an immigration attorney prior to traveling internationally. This community stands in support of all our international and Muslim students, regardless of country of origin or religious faith.