January 15, 2019

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

This morning President Miriam Nelson announced to the Hampshire College community that Hampshire’s current operations cannot be sustained over the long term. She also announced that Hampshire may not admit a new first-year class this spring and seeks a partner that will help make the college’s mission and vision financially viable. 

I was informed of this decision only very recently and do not yet have many details to share with you. The decision emerged from the Hampshire administration’s review and analysis of their current financial circumstances and future outlook. I hope it will be possible for Hampshire to identify a positive way forward for its community and the greater good. The college has a valuable history of experimentation in teaching and learning and a longstanding relationship with our college.

There are students, faculty, and staff on our campus who will be affected by these decisions, some directly, some indirectly. As we learn more about Hampshire’s plans, we will keep you informed so we can fully support all of you.

You can read President Nelson’s letter to the Hampshire community here.