Amherst Survival Center

Emergency food distribution from the Amherst Survival Center pantry.

Amherst Survival Center’s illustration for the “homeless care package.”


The things many of us take for granted—a warm shower, clean clothes, hot food, a place to sit and relax with friends, even a sense of purpose—are major challenges for a person who is homeless.”  —Amherst Survival Center.

A Campus Challenge goal: raising $10,000 towards alleviation of poverty and/or broadening educational opportunity by April 30, 2013. Consider it. Cooperate with others to help raise funds. Claim your efforts for Campus Challenge.

Educational Opportunity

Campus Challenge goal: gathering 10,000 pounds of food and educational supplies by April 30, 2013. Consider it. Converge with others’ plans.  Claim them for Campus Challenge.

Conversations and Activities Around Beliefs and Values

For Amherst Campus Challenge ‘Interfaith’ is defined broadly to include any person’s belief system—whether religious, areligious, atheist, free thinker or something else.  The Challenge approach to interfaith engagement is “RAM”—respectful, authentic, meaningful.

All conversations and activites around beliefs and values may be contributed towards our 75-10-10-25 goals. A Campus Challenge goal: that 25% of this campus would participate in some form of engagement with beliefs and values by April 30, 2013. Consider it. Carry the conversation forward. Claim it for Campus Challenge.

An example of Engagement around Beliefs and Values

One person’s values are grounded in the political; another’s belief system involves a higher power. While collecting educational supplies for Amherst ABC House they discuss their understanding of the poverty and educational opportunity in light of  their different perspectives. They are contributing to three Campus Challenge goals: participating; collecting towards 10,000 pounds of food and educational supplies, and engaging with beliefs and values.