“Canning” is a colloquialism referring to the activity of standing outside a store to collect cash or checks in a ‘can’ or to collect canned or other goods for a cause. Canning, tabling, and other such activities on store properties are at those stores’ discretion. The Hadley Stop and Shop and Wal Mart stores will work with Amherst College groups who would like to ‘can’ for Amherst Survival Center as part of the Amherst College Campus Challenge. Canners can receive 100-1500 pounds of food in just 4 hours. Have fun!

Check out "CC_ASC CANNING STEPS" for organing details like who to call and when, availability of special transportation, and how you can arrange for overnight storage of the collected food. It is good to bring some copies of "CC ASC Info for Shoppers" when you go 'canning'.

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