In 2013: Everybody has a Story

Everybody Has a Story 2012

What? March 4-8, 2013 a faculty member, staff member and student will share a meal together during the lunch period. Tables will be reserved upstairs in the Valentine Hall Mezzanine. Each person will have the opportunity to tell some of their story as well as to listen to others. The 2013 Questions for discussion are available online.

Why? Amherst College is one of some three hundred campuses participating in President Obama’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge: Advancing Interfaith Cooperation and Community Service in Higher Education. A major goal of the Campus Challenge is to increase social cohesion across differing groups on campus and to provide opportunities for people to talk about some of their values and beliefs. Everybody has a Story Week is one way the Campus Challenge Committee hopes to do this.

2 Ways to Participate:

  1. Randomly assigned triads. People may sign up online or in the atrium of Valentine during dinner on the previous Wednesday or Thursday or on Friday during lunch. As much as possible, we will try to make all triads a faculty member, staff member and student. There are three time periods available each day
  2. Three people can come as a self-arranged unit and share a meal and discussion. Prior sign-up is not necessary but we do ask that you register at the table in the atrium.

Note: participating staff and faculty will be able to sign in so the meal is free.

The Process: People should come to the Valentine atrium at their assigned time or any time if using option 2 above. They will then receive a table reservation and questions for discussion. Once having gone through the line at Valentine, people should go upstairs to their reserved table in the Mezzanine. Members of the triad will then take turns responding to the listed questions. Each person takes 10 minutes to respond to questions while the other two listen without asking questions except for clarification. Each person should only answer the question(s) he or she chooses to answer and should only say as much as he or she is comfortable disclosing.

We hope that you will participate in this aspect of the Campus Challenge. Thank you for your consideration.

Read the 2012 Amherst Bulletin article about Everybody Has a Story—
Amherst College seeking stronger social connections in dining hall gatherings.”