Everybody Has a Story Process

Get your assigned table first in the Valentine atrium. Then go through the line to get your food and find your assigned table upstairs in the mezzanine. Introduce yourselves and take a few moments to review the questions. Each person will talk for 10 minutes about the questions they choose in accordance with their comfort level. The others listen without interruption (except for clarifying questions). Someone will need to keep track of time so that all have a chance to share.  

Questions for Discussion (choose any or all)

  • What was your living situation like growing up?
  • Who were the important people and/or institutions in your life (e.g. friends, parents, teachers, school, athletic teams, scouts, temple)? Why were they influential and what impact did they have on you?
  • How do your beliefs and values influence your behavior?
  • What is one accomplishment that especially gives you satisfaction?
  • How has your respect for others changed and developed?
  • When things are difficult, what motivates you to persevere? You might choose to illustrate this with a specific incident.
  • What factors have influenced you to choose your current academic/career path?