1835: Edward Hitchcock Sr. establishes the Hitchcock Ichnological Cabinet. Today it is one of the largest dinosaur-footprint collections in the world.

1854: The equatorial telescope is added to the Lawrence Observatory.

1884: Professor John M. Tyler teaches biology in a rented room off campus where students dissect specimens for the fun of learning. The subject is tolerated but not formally approved.

1929: Moore Laboratory of Chemistry is dedicated.

1973: Professor Stephen George co-founds the neuroscience department, one of the first undergraduate programs of its kind in the nation.

1997: A $2 million challenge grant comes from the Kresge Foundation to renovate and expand the science laboratories and improve other teaching spaces.

2010: Amherst’s faculty approves the creation of the Program in Biochemistry and Biophysics; Chris Lim ’12 and Alex Jaramillio ’12 are the college’s first BCBP majors.

2018: The new science center will foster the interdisciplinary work that science increasingly requires.