Moments from Mammoth Day

Photos by Maria Stenzel, Hantong Wu ’23 and Haoran Tong ’23

Students enjoying outdoor activities on the main quad of amherst college

When President Biddy Martin sent out an email declaring Oct. 14, 2020, as Mammoth Day (the first Mountain/Mammoth Day since 1933), there was a collective sigh of relief. It didn't take long for students to get into the spirit, enjoying food, games and a chance to take a break and relax. The motto of the day: No. Work. Today.

  Three friends in masks pose together on the quad on mammoth dahy

Left to right: Madison Green ’24, Dania Hallack ’24 and Jabez Ward ’24 were clearly enjoying themselves.

Two students walking on campus on a beautiful fall day

Luckily, the weather cooperated and the fall colors were in full display. Some of our students got into the spirit with color-coordinated clothing. Well done!

Four people wearing masks sitting on the quad in front of memorial hill

Masks can't mask these smiles on Mammoth Day!

Student look over some food options on a table set up outside

Mammoth Day offered opportunities for students to hike on the sanctuary trails and to enjoy food, music and games on the Quad, including some online entertainment for students attending College remotely this semester.

President Biddy Martin speaking with some student outside on Mammoth Day

President Biddy Martin found opportunities to talk with students who came out to enjoy Mammoth Day.

  Students gather outside on the main quad of Amherst College campus

Any day without classes involves some time spent with video games, right? While some students opted for physical, IRL life games, others took advantage of the giant screen to play Mario Kart.

two students in hammocks

Go to classes or laze about in a hammock all day? Which would you rather do? These students definitely got into the spirit of Mammoth Day.

Three students in adirondack chairs facing the mt holyoke range

At Amherst College, we never take this amazing view of the Holyoke Range for granted.

Students playing a game of soccer

It's New England, so we all know what's coming, but on Mammoth Day, the sun was out strong enough for shorts and a spontaneous game of soccer.

Two students at a voting information table

Mammoth Day or not, the work of supporting and encouraging voter engagement doesn't rest. Here, Ben Gilsdorf ’21 and Molly Sanderson ’22 lead a voter registration drive for the student group AC Votes. The student organization has chalked up 63 hours of tabling this semester— that's 9 hours a week over a 7-week period!

  Students and staff hiking on the trails on the College's campus

Staff members hand out maps of the Wildlife Sanctuary to students who devoted part of Mammoth Day to hiking.

Three students checking the poem filled mailbox on the trail

Students share poems in the poetry mailbox, a well-kept "secret" found on the Wildlife Sanctuary trails.

  Six students pose for a photo on the sanctuary land

(l to f): Sharon Nah ’23, Grea Juhyun Lee ’23, Angela Li ’23, Alyssa Cordero ’23, Haoran Tong ’23, and Xiao Duo Chen ’23, enjoyed each others' company and the beautiful trails surrounding campus.

A student out on the hiking trail during Mammoth Day

With fall colors as a backdrop, Asher Freund '23 headed out to enjoy the Wildlife Sanctuary. “The pandemic,” Freund said, “has made solitude a lot easier, something that doesn't have to be justified to oneself or others.”

The fall colors are showcased on this view of the mt holyoke range

The last light of the day hits the trees on Tuttle Hill. Terras Irradient.