Kristin Ogdon ’00

Quote by Kristin Ogdon

“It was like we unleashed the magic of Amherst athletics. ” Kristin Ogdon ’00, who, 20 years ago, helped bring home the College’s first-ever NCAA team championship.

Richard Aronson ’69

Quote by Richard Aronson: Amherst College was doing community engagement long before it actually was a phrase.

“Amherst College was doing ‘community engagement’ long before it actually was a phrase.”  Richard Aronson ’69 on the College’s deep ties to the town of Amherst’s A Better Chance House, now celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Catherine Epstein, provost and dean of the faculty

Quote by Catherine Epstein

“Each course is amazing in and of itself, with obvious intellectual benefits. But, for me, it is actually the social part that is most compelling.” Catherine Epstein, provost and dean of the faculty, on course-specific trips that take students around the globe.

Vanja Malloy, Curator of American Art, the Mead Art Museum

Quote by Vanja Malloy

“The micro, the macro, everything’s so different from what people had imagined.”  Malloy’s groundbreaking “Dimensionism” show in the Mead's Art Museum, which includes Capricious Forms by Wassily Kandinsky, closes on July 28.

Christine Bader ’93

Quote by Christine Bader

“What if we could redefine work so that instead of determining the lives we have, it enables the lives we want?” Christine Bader ’93, on picking up and moving to Bali with her family in order to live more sustainably

Brendan Seto ’18

Quote by Brendan Seto

“Tutoring at the ABC House helped me break out of the ‘Amherst bubble.’ It also helped me realize the importance of doing things with meaning rather than for yourself.” Brendan Seto ’18 is one of 109 alumni tutors, over 50 years, who have mentored the teen scholars of color at the A Better Chance House in the town of Amherst. 

Chimaway Lopez ’20

Chimaway Lopez '20

“To be honest, I didn't really know about being an academic until the Mellon Mays. It's made me understand exactly the topography of that world.” Chimaway Lopez ’20 is one of five Amherst juniors in a program that helps today’s students become tomorrow’s professors

NOTE: Detail from ‘View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm — The Oxbow’ (1836) by Thomas Cole. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Sheila Jaswal

Quote by Sheila Jaswal: Two heads are not just better than one. They're actually like three.

“Two heads are not just better than one. They're actually like three.” Sheila Jaswal, associate professor of chemistry speaking of her weekly consultations with Amy S. Wagaman, associate professor of statistics.

Cristian Hinojosa ’00

Cristian Hinojosa

“A lot of those milestones were set by the constructs of the system, not the constructs of my heart.” Cristian Hinojosa ’00 on starting over as a firefighter.