artwork display of a confederate flag unravelling

“We’re not tearing the flag, we’re unraveling it.” — Art Professor Sonya Clark describing her 2018 performance piece Unraveling, in which she and audience members would pull apart a Confederate flag thread by thread. 

Note: The title of the work was very specific choice of hers, she told Vice at the time: “‘Unraveling’ to me is about an investigation about the history of the Confederacy, the history of slavery, and the history of the oppression of people of African descent that is so deeply embedded in the fabric of our nation. The goal isn't to destroy the flag, but to investigate what it means to take it apart.” 

old photo of Amherst Class of 1915

“The individual college youth cannot wait forever until the problem of his education is decided.” — Charles Hamilton Houston, class of 1915, the trailblazing civil rights attorney who created and led the legal strategy that would ultimately end racial segregation in American schools. (Houston: back row, 5th from right)

President Biddy Martin

Quote by President Biddy Martin

“What a truly great country this could be if the privileges enjoyed by those who happen to be white were instead opportunities available to everyone.” From President Martin's May 31 letter to campus about Racism, Truth, and Responsibility.

Amherst Fact: Class of 2020

Number of national award winners in the class of 2020: 13

The number of national award winners in the class of 2020: 12, including 11 Fulbrights, and one Saint Andrew’s Scholar. More facts about the class of 2020.

Joseph Stiglitz ’64 H’74

Quote by Joseph Stiglitz

“You need science, you need public health, but you also need a broader perspective. [In the wake of COVID-19] the value of higher education will be enhanced.”  Joseph Stiglitz ’64 H’74the Nobel prize-winning economist speaking in the College's online speaker series, “COVID Conversations: Thinking Through the Pandemic.

Memo Rodriguez ’22

Quote by an Amherst student about what he misses about being on campus during covid quarantining

“The international student community, singing with the Zumbyes, and going for walks on the bike trail.” Memo Rodriguez ’22 on what he misses most about Amherst. Here's what other students miss most

Marcela Sabino ’02

  "Your career should always answer a question." Marcela Sabino

“Your career should always answer a question.” Marcela Sabino is director of the Laboratory of Activities of Tomorrow at the Museum of Tomorrow (Museu do Amanhã) in Rio de Janeiro.

Laura Moser ’99

Quote by Laura Moser

“It’s very useful if you can tell your own story.” Laura Moser ’99 Moser on running for office.

David Little

David Little Quote

“We want work that speaks to the students of their generation.” David Little, the director and chief curator of the Mead Art Museum, on the museum’s push to acquire more contemporary art

Emilie Flamme ’20

Quote by Emilie Flamme about community.

“As we spread apart, it’s going to be imperative that we stay connected in ways that we’ve never tried before and think about community in a way that’s different.” Emilie Flamme ’20 collaborated with Professor Mona Oraby on a new, boundary-breaking project for religious studies scholars.

Amrita Basu

Quote by Professor Amrita Basu

“We make progress and then we face setbacks. But that progress, those struggles, are not going to stop.” Amrita Basu, professor of political science, and chair of sexuality, women's and gender studies, in an Amherst magazine Q&A.

Breaking News

Video announcement by President Martin about moving to remote learning

In this video, President Biddy Martin announces the College's plan to move entirely to remote learning following spring break.

Eva Gladek ’05

Quote by Eva Gladek

“I think striving for a utopia is a really great thing to do with your life.” Eva Gladek ’05 is the founder of Metabolic, which promotes building projects that are waste-free and regenerative by design.

Jesmyn Ward

Jesmyn Ward Quote

“I swallow. I breathe. All delicious and damned. ”  Jesmyn Ward, in Sing, Unburied, Sing. Ward and other acclaimed writers will be on campus this week for LitFest 2020, a free event that is open to the public. (Bonus: Hear 5 students read from 5 LitFest authors.)

NOTE: The College’s literary festival turns 5 this month, and to celebrate, we asked Jennifer Acker ’00, editor-in-chief of The Common and the festival’s lead organizer, to pick her favorite moments from prior years of LitFest.

Amherst Facts

Amherst Fact: There's no better time to note that our dining hall is named Valentine Dining Hall.

There’s no better time to note that our dining hall is named Valentine Dining Hall. The Feb. 14 dinner menu features heart-shaped ravioli. Dining Services at Amherst College

Note: Download the “Mammoth Meals” dining app today from your preferred app store.

Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Quote by Henry Louis Gates Jr.

“Professor McFeely’s riveting lectures brought to life in the most vivid way a world about which most of us had been unaware, a world of black achievement, sacrifice, resistance and attainment.” Henry Louis Gates Jr., acclaimed historian and former student of the late William S. McFeely ’52, the Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer of Frederick Douglass and Ulysses S. Grant, and a co-founder of the nation's first black studies department.

NOTE: McFeely wrote an article for Amherst magazine about the experience of Amherst students, including his own father, in World War I. 

Jim Rooney ’60

Jim Rooney '60

“I'm looking for energy. I.m not looking for perfection. Perfection is highly overrated.” Jim Rooney ’60, a Grammy-winning music producer specializing in the Americana genre, has worked with John Prine, Iris DeMent and Nanci Griffith. Rooney won a Grammy for production of Griffith’s Other Voices, Other Rooms. This year’s Grammy Award ceremony airs Jan. 26.

Deborah “D.J.” Williams ’20

Quote by Deborah Williams '20

“I knew from day one that we would be able to effect good and needed change.” Deborah “D.J.” Williams ’20, on serving on the Massachusetts Governor's Task Force on Hate Crimes.

Note: Baker-Polito Administration Re-Establishes Governor’s Task Force on Hate Crimes.

Susannah Grant ’84

Quote by Susannah Grant

“My comfort with discomfort is the most important ingredient in my work.” Susannah Grant ’84 is the screenwriter and showrunner of the Netflix series Unbelievable. It was nominated for four Golden Globes, including Best Television Limited Series. The awards ceremony airs Jan. 5. (Photo credit: Netflix)

Peter Zheutlin ’75

Quote by Peter Zheutlin

“I could have been reading him Robert Frost, or a section of the Internal Revenue Code—it didn’t matter.” Peter Zheutlin ’75 on taking a cross-country road trip with his dog, inspired by John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley.

Rosanne Haggerty ’82

Quote by Roseanne Haggerty “I think these projects need to become obsessions. Nothing happens unless someone is obsessed with making it happen.” Rosanne Haggerty ’82 is a housing advocate for the homeless. Dec. 7 marks the event known as “The World’s Big Sleep Out,” which brings attention to issues of homelessness. 

NOTE: Photo of the Times Square Hotel lobby by Gregory Goode. Creative Commons Licence). The image has been cropped slightly on the sides.

Tracy Jarrett ’11

Quote by Tracy Jarret '11

“ It is important for me to tell the story that my mother cannot tell for herself. ” Tracy Jarrett ’11, a producer at Vice Media, writing about her mother Julie Keith Jarrett ’81, who died from AIDS in 1994. Dec. 1 is World AIDS Day.

Cullen Murphy ’74

Quote by Cullen Murphy

“The first time I came into the chapel, I had a sense of someone missing. And that someone was Emily Dickinson.” Cullen Murphy ’74, chairman emeritus of Amherst's board of trustees. Johnson Chapel now features two new portraits of the poet, painted by Robert Sweeney, the William R. Mead Professor of Art. 

Thayer Greene ’50

Veteran's Day Quote

“He staggered up and fell to his knees before me, uttering, ‘Freiheit. Freiheit.’—Freedom. Freedom. Thayer Greene ’50. For Veterans Day, we honor Amherst College military veterans, including Green, an infantryman in World War II who helped liberate a Nazi concentration camp

NOTE: Photo by Jens Meyer, from “Nazi ‘V-2 rocket’ concentration camp liberation remembered.”

Thomas Boswell ’69

Quote by Thomas Boswell '69 about the Washington Nationals winning the world series

“For decades and into future generations, when the doings of this team are recalled, hearts will dance and race and scream in joy.” Thomas Boswell ’69, Washington Post sports columnist, on the Washington Nationals World Series win.

The Amherst Student

Quote from The Amherst Student about Ralph Ellison

“We are victims in the present of a false portrayal of the past.”  From an editorial in The Amherst Student. In 1969, novelist and scholar Ralph Ellison spoke on campus during one of two campus moratoriums featured recently in Amherst magazine.

President Biddy Martin

Quote by President Biddy Martin

“Our society depends for its well being on the identification and development of talent wherever it exists. It exists in every community and group.” President Biddy Martin.

Amherst welcomes and applauds the decision in the Harvard University admissions lawsuit, which affirms the importance and constitutionality of race-conscious admissions as part of a holistic review of applicants to our colleges and universities.

Andrea Hutton ’95

Andrea Hutton Quote

“We are looking for individuals on the precipice of great discovery or a game-changing idea.” The MacArthur Foundation, describing its “genius” grant. Andrea Dutton ’95 is among the newest winners. Her work focuses on climate change.

NOTE:  Art historian and curator Kellie Jones ’81 received a MacArthur fellowship in 2017. 

Photo of Dutton: John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Jason Seto ’19

Quote by Jason Seto

“Empathy is a habit that can be cultivated.” Jason Seto ’19 one of six young alumni to be offered a 2019-20 Fulbright grant, one of the most prestigious fellowships in the world.

Marietta Pritchard

Marietta Pritchard

“Almost all battles can be boiled down to the irritable question: ‘Why can’t you be more like me?’” Author Marietta Pritchard in “Scenics from a Marriage,” which chronicles a lifetime of travel with her husband, English professor William Pritchard

Amherst Fact: Orientation 2019

A fact about the incoming class of 2023, Amherst College

Welcome to Amherst College, Jack and Sarah! These two names appear most often on the 470 new IDs created for the class of 2023.

Link: Orientation concludes on Monday, Sept. 2 with Convocation. See the full schedule.

Kristin Ogdon ’00

Quote by Kristin Ogdon

“It was like we unleashed the magic of Amherst athletics. ” Kristin Ogdon ’00, who, 20 years ago, helped bring home the College’s first-ever NCAA team championship.

Richard Aronson ’69

Quote by Richard Aronson: Amherst College was doing community engagement long before it actually was a phrase.

“Amherst College was doing ‘community engagement’ long before it actually was a phrase.”  Richard Aronson ’69 on the College’s deep ties to the town of Amherst’s A Better Chance House, now celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Catherine Epstein, provost and dean of the faculty

Quote by Catherine Epstein

“Each course is amazing in and of itself, with obvious intellectual benefits. But, for me, it is actually the social part that is most compelling.” Catherine Epstein, provost and dean of the faculty, on course-specific trips that take students around the globe.

Vanja Malloy, Curator of American Art, the Mead Art Museum

Quote by Vanja Malloy

“The micro, the macro, everything’s so different from what people had imagined.”  Malloy’s groundbreaking “Dimensionism” show in the Mead's Art Museum, which includes Capricious Forms by Wassily Kandinsky, closes on July 28.

Christine Bader ’93

Quote by Christine Bader

“What if we could redefine work so that instead of determining the lives we have, it enables the lives we want?” Christine Bader ’93, on picking up and moving to Bali with her family in order to live more sustainably

Brendan Seto ’18

Quote by Brendan Seto

“Tutoring at the ABC House helped me break out of the ‘Amherst bubble.’ It also helped me realize the importance of doing things with meaning rather than for yourself.” Brendan Seto ’18 is one of 109 alumni tutors, over 50 years, who have mentored the teen scholars of color at the A Better Chance House in the town of Amherst. 

Chimaway Lopez ’20

Chimaway Lopez '20

“To be honest, I didn't really know about being an academic until the Mellon Mays. It's made me understand exactly the topography of that world.” Chimaway Lopez ’20 is one of five Amherst juniors in a program that helps today’s students become tomorrow’s professors

NOTE: Detail from ‘View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm — The Oxbow’ (1836) by Thomas Cole. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Sheila Jaswal

Quote by Sheila Jaswal: Two heads are not just better than one. They're actually like three.

“Two heads are not just better than one. They're actually like three.” Sheila Jaswal, associate professor of chemistry speaking of her weekly consultations with Amy S. Wagaman, associate professor of statistics.

Cristian Hinojosa ’00

Cristian Hinojosa

“A lot of those milestones were set by the constructs of the system, not the constructs of my heart.” Cristian Hinojosa ’00 on starting over as a firefighter.

Amherst Fact: Reunion 2019

Reunion Fact; More than 100 events are scheduled for over the weekend, a record number of events for Reunion

Reunion is here! Alumni from the classes of 1949 through 2014 are returning to campus to take part in more than 100 programs—a record number for this annual event.  Reunion Schedule and more.