Book & Plow Farm

The staff of Book and Plow Farm seeks to affirm and celebrate the people who work here. We invite you to the farm to be yourself.

Book & Plow Farm is our sixth season of vegetable production; formerly a farm in residence, we are now a department of Amherst College. Our mission is threefold. Engage students in collaborative and productive farm labor. Provide quality produce to the Amherst College community. Offer people space on campus to connect with food, land, and each other. Our produce is available at Valentine Hall through Dining Services and through a weekly CSA share in the Fall.

Come to the farm to spend time outdoors, work with your hands, observe, ask questions, speak up, and work on a team. The farm is not for racism, classism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, nor any derision or discrimination based on identity. The farm is a space for people to build community around growing vegetables.