We have completed the sixth year of vegetable production at Book & Plow Farm, a student centered-farm that grows vegetables well. We prioritize student well-being, educational experiences, and community building. We also practice sustainable and organic methods in order to build soil health.

Farming requires creative problem-solving, resource management, real time adaptation to climate change, determination, and teamwork. It is also fun and empowering to grow high-quality vegetables. We are proud to offer students space to build connections with academic endeavors, to be celebrated as individuals, and to make a meaningful contribution to the health of our Amherst Community.

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2018 Highlights

Student workers at the Book and Plow Farm

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Vegetable Production

  • 20K pounds of produce delivered to Valentine Dining Hall this year.
  • 4K pounds of produce donated to area hunger relief organizations.
  • 75 community members in our 12- week vegetable share program.

Land Stewardship

At Book & Plow we prioritize soil health and design the production calendar around cover crops. Usually grasses and legumes, cover crops are grown for their benefit to soil, not for harvest. They help keep external costs down, while protecting against erosion, conserving water, and continuing to improve the condition of the land we work to feed the community.

Student Engagement

Our campus farm is a living classroom

  • 56 Student Farmers 4 Academic Classroom Collaborations
  • 55 Incoming First Years, 40 athletes from 2 teams, and 40 SERF students
  • Largest Annual Farm Fest to date!

Plans for 2019


Invite students, staff, faculty and community members to cook and eat fresh farm produce together.


Redesign core site and pick your own garden to prioritize out-of-class learning, accessibility and community time outdoors.


Facilitate student leadership and initiative through on-farm projects, and classroom inquiry.

Quotes from Book & Plow Student Farmers

“You actively uplift the contributions we make and help us feel proud and fulfilled!”

“Tough, but relaxing. A unique opportunity on campus.”

“I gained confidence in body and mind... If I can be trusted with food production then I can have trust in myself.”

“Rewarding. Hard physically, but invigorating mentally.”