An Energy-Conscious Campus and Community

Amherst College has a long-standing commitment to energy conservation. From encorporating energy conservation strategies in the operation, renovation and construction of its facilities to promoting energy-saving practices across campus, the College has become increasingly aware that it has a moral obligation to embrace the concept of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The Greenway dorms under a bright blue sky

Green Building Design

The Amherst College High-Performance Design Guidelines strive to codify the approach and practices used by the Facilities Department relative to energy conservation and sustainability.

Hand holding a lightbulb

Smart Energy Behaviors

Amherst College has a long-standing commitment to using smart energy practice and energy conservation strategies.

The Science Center

The new Science Center, which opened in the fall of 2018, provides state-of-the-art facilities and flexible spaces to support the sciences at Amherst. In addition to upgrading our science infrastructure, the Science Center will offer flexible classrooms and gathering spaces that can be used by faculty and students from all over campus.

The Amherst College Science Center

Designed with Sustainability in Mind

Solar Array, Energy Recovery, Rainwater Capture, Green Roof, Efficient Envelope, natural ventilation, Storm-water filtration

Amherst gathered a world-class team of industry leaders to design a new type of science building. Leveraging new technologies, our team of architects, engineers and sustainability experts developed sophisticated solutions, using computational modeling to explore various options and refine the designs.

Their resulting innovations set the stage for the Science Center to perform at an unparalleled level of energy efficiency.

The average science building uses about 370 kiloBTUs per square foot per year. We intend to reduce that by 73 percent or more through a variety of features: highly efficient systems for everything from the building HVAC down to individual lab hoods; a state-of-the-art insulating building envelope; and careful floor plan design so that sensitive and specialized lab systems are grouped together.

The interior of the Amherst College Science Center

Learn More About the Science Center

Learn more about the Science Center’s construction and use. Also learn about The Greenway, a 12-acre landscape that runs along the natural corridor from the Beneski Earth Sciences Building.