Written by Jackie Calla '17E December 2016

Now that we’ve learned about some of the features of our new Greenway dorms let’s learn about two key points relevant to heating that will allow us to help Greenway perform at its optimum this winter!


The windows in Greenway provide an impressive thermal performance and have superior light diffusion by eliminating glare. For residents of the dorm to efficiently stay warm this winter, it is imperative that the windows are closed and latched shut. Just closing the windows isn’t enough; by latching, the seal around the perimeter of the window is fully engaged and will significantly cut down on the cold outside air infiltration. The air dampers of our Greenway dorms supply constant low flow fresh air tempered to 68-70 degrees, so there is no need to open the windows during the winter. By keeping windows latched shut, we can help Greenway’s radiant floor panels and ceilings perform at their best. 

Floors and Ceilings

When we learned about the great radiant heating system in our Greenway dorms a few posts back, we learned that the ceilings and floors radiate heat throughout the room. Therefore, we know that it is important we maximize our exposure to the floors and ceilings to feel as warm and as comfortable as possible this winter. Fun fact: about 30% of the heat in Greenway comes from the floor surface, and 70% comes from the ceiling surface. What does this mean? We’re going to need to make sure that clothes are not left on the floor and that we do not store large items on the floor - if you have suitcases take advantage of the student storage area in the basement of C building. Since the majority of the heat comes from the ceiling slab, make sure to not hang tapestries, flags, or banners across the ceiling so that we can maximize the benefits of our radiant heating system.

This is not what we want! 

Dorm Room

Just because you may not be able to hang banners, flags, or tapestries, doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to organize your room otherwise by having decorations on shelves, desks, and common rooms.

Take Away Points:

  • Keep windows closed and latched shut!

  • Limit the amount of flags, banners, and tapestries that are hung on ceilings and walls to stay as comfortable and warm as possible.

By taking these two simple steps, residents of Greenway can the dorm perform at its optimum!