Getting Around

America’s dependency on the car is one of the most significant influences on our carbon “footprint.” What can you do to reduce your transportation carbon footprint while getting to, from and around campus?

  • Walk! Amherst College is a small campus. It’s less than a 10-minute walk between the two most remote spots on campus. Burn carbohydrates, not hydrocarbons!
  • Ride! The campus and the surrounding communities are very bike-friendly. Use your bike to get to the mall via the bike trail. Use your bike to get to downtown efficiently. Don't have a bike? Use Bike Share!

A PVTA bus and a row of bicycles

Use the PVTA buses. Not only are the rides free, this is a wonderful resource that is very energy-efficient. Click here to see PVTA Maps and Schedules. If they don’t run when and where you need them, call them and make a suggestion.

  • When using a College fleet vehicle, use one of the smaller hybrid vehicles, in lieu of a van if they are available.
  • Don’t bring a car to campus. Use the College’s Zipcar program to rent a car on an hourly basis if needed.The College’s Zipcars are Toyota Priuses.