The Green Office Program aims to help offices gauge how sustainable their spaces currently are, educate them on ways they can keep improving, and recognize them for their efforts! Participating offices are asked to fill out a full sustainablility checklist and meet with the Green Office representative from the Office of Environmental Sustainability to discuss the checklist and any sustainability challenges that may be unique to their department, office, or building space. The OES does not award levels of participation, but instead asks that ion order to continue being recognized as a participant of the Green Office Program, offices meet with the OES representative every semester to formulate a plan to address one or more sustainability issues that were not addressed on the original checklist. 

Program Goals

Amherst College is dedicated to conserving resources, educatiing staff, faculty, and students about sustainable practices, and "greening" our campus operations. Academic, Administration, Student Life, and Athletic buildings make up 60% of our campus footprint. This program targets these spaces to achieve the following goals:

  1. Seamlessly integrate sustainability in all aspects of campus life and help Campus Operations and the OES better support sustainable practices on campus
  2. Educate and recognize participants of the program
  3. Expand the OES's presence by engaging with staff and faculty
  4. Reduce overall waste and energy use on Amherst's campus 


  1. OES reaches out to offices every semester to gauge interest in participating in the program. Offices are also welcomed to reach out to the OES at any time to begin the process.
  2. OES meets with interested offices and discusses checklist goals and ways to attain them
  3. Offices have time to fill out the checklist
  4. Offices send the completed checklist to OES
  5. OES evaluates the office's checklist and establises priorities for implementing sustainable practices in that office.

Why Participate?

Offices that participate will be listed on the Green Amherst website as a certified office and will receive a certificate that can be displayed in the office. Participants will learn how to reduce their environmental impact and help the college reach its goal of becoming a more green campus!