A Snapshot of What We Do

Student workers on the Book and Plow Farm New to Amherst College? Never heard of the Office of Environmental Sustainability (OES)? Here’s some of what we offer:

  • Book & Plow Farm provides delicious organically grown produce, beautiful views, and chances to get your hands dirty — figuratively and literally. 
  • The fall is an amazing time in the pioneer valley, and you are steps away from a great bike trail and wildlife sanctuary. Need a bike? Bike Share has you covered!
  • The College is developing a plan to go carbon neutral, and we need your help!
  • Want to engage with your peers on sustainable living, help organize our annual green games competition, or plan the eco-fair? Apply to become an Eco-Rep.
  • Did you know that once the Science Center is completed it will use less energy than any other science building on the east coast? The Greenway Dorms, completed in 2016, have many unique features that make them sustainable.
  • In addition to using produce from Book & Plow, Valentine is doing a ton to support local agriculture, provide sustainable food, and reduce food waste.
  • There are many ways to work with the OES during the school year and in the summer — on the farm, in the office, and everywhere in between.

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About the Office of Environmental Sustainability

1695909.jpg The Office of Environmental Sustainability was established at Amherst College in the summer of 2014. The office's first director is Laura Draucker, whose primary goal in this role is to integrate sustainability into the daily life of campus.

Draucker defines sustainability as the “intersection of environmental, economic and social growth” and feels that “[for us] to be successful as a society, environmental sustainability will have to be ingrained into all kinds of sectors … in a way that protects the earth and society of future generations.” She hopes to demonstrate how to “integrate sustainability into student life and work” and raise more awareness of related issues.

While Draucker is eager to work with already established environmental groups on campus, she would also like to expand to “meet with more student groups that may not have thought of the impact of sustainability and social responsibility.” For example, she hopes to encourage the Investment Club to consider sustainable entrepreneurship. Furthermore, although Amherst already has an environmental studies major, she would like to see more departments “incorporate sustainability in classes” and have students “think about projects and ways [my office] can innovate.”

Laura can be located in Room 103 of the College’s Service Building. She welcomes anyone with ideas of sustainability at Amherst to stop by or email her at ldraucker@amherst.edu.

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Amherst Conserves

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