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Recent Events

Power Dialog - April 4th, 2016 6 PM, Paino Lecture Hall

Join Amherst College as we participate in a national initative to provide students with an oppurtunity to have a dialog with state and local officals on the status and future of climate change legislation.  This event is for anyone interested in climate change, politics, and student action! 

Power Dialog


2nd Annual Trash to Fashion Show - April 21st, 8 PM

        Trash to Fashion show

Get more details, and sign up to be a designer or model here. 


Amherst All In!

Come to Keefe March 2nd from 11-2 to participate in Amherst all In

 The Climate Conference: What Happened in Paris, and What Needs to Happen Next ?  

February 10th, 2016. 8 PM, The Powerhouse

Last December, the highly anticipated Paris Climate Conference (COP 21) ended with 196 countries agreeing to fight climate change and limit global warming impacts.  This is the first agreement of its kind and marks great progress. However, to prove successful in the long term, the Paris Agreement needs to lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, which requires countries to act on their pledges and strengthen them overtime. This could prove challenging for the United States, especially as we enter into an election year. Additionally, there are still many things that the international community were not able to make sufficient progress on in Paris, such as language protecting indigenous rights or restricting additional fossil fuel exploration.

 Several students got the opportunity to attend the events in Paris, and they will speak about their experiences of what happened (and didn’t happen) at COP 21.  Then we will turn our focus on the United States, and what we need to do to meet our commitments in Paris, led by John Larsen, Director at Rhodium Group and Adjust Professor in Energy and Climate Program at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, Advanced Academic Programs at Johns Hopkins University.  If you are interested in policy, addressing climate change, advocacy, and international agreements, this is an event for you.  Refreshments will be served.

COP 21 Recap Event, February 10th, 8pm, Power House


Turn our food waste mountain into a chocolate fountain -We did it! Join us February 12th for our fondue party

Food Waste Reduction Reward - February 12th , 2016 during dinner at Val enjoy chocolate fondue The average post consumer waste we create in Valentine is 800 pounds a day! That is food that was cultivated, harvested, transported, and prepared, just to be tossed in the compost bin.  To reduce the unnecessary environmental burdens and cost associated with wasting so much food, we are challenging ourselves to reduce our waste by 20 % in the month of December. If we are successful, Dining Services will reward us with a fondue event at the start of spring semester. So ditch those trays, go back for seconds instead of front loading, and help us reduce food waste.

Food Waste Stats 1 Food Waste Stats 2