Amherst College formed the Office of Environmental Sustainability (OES) in October 2014 with a vision to “fulfill the College’s moral obligation to incorporate environmental awareness and practices into the daily lives of students, so they will be equipped to shape the environment they live in through their actions and leadership.” Today, the OES is a focal point and catalyst for awareness-building, collaboration and action on sustainability issues across campus.

Johnson Chapel from a distance on a sunny fall day

Sustainability Reports

To keep the campus informed of our work, we have created a series of Sustainability Reports that outline key initiatives and areas of focus.

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Our Policies

From cleaning and paper use to transportation and waste disposal, Amherst is committed to using environmenatlly friendly practices across campus.

Fulfilling Our Promise: Achieving Carbon Neutrality in Our Third Century

Amherst College aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2030 through transformative modernization of our energy system from fossil fuels to renewable electricity. Watch Director of Sustainability Laura Draucker’s presentation Fulfilling Our Promise: Achieving Carbon Neutrality in Our Third Century, which puts the Plan’s history and motivation into context and how environmental sustainability is part of Amherst’s larger strategic plan