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Amherst Alumni working in Sustainability

On this page, we feature Amherst Alumni who are working to create a more sustainable world. Want to be featured? Email ldraucker@amherst.edu.

Noah Lerner (’16) 

Noah standing with kids Noah standing with a bike he has made  

Noah has been working at NRDC's Beijing office since last August, as a Princeton-in-Asia research fellow, and have signed up for a second year. He works on the "China Coal Cap Project". The project is now in its fourth year -- the teams leads a research/advocacy coalition pushing policies to reduce China's coal consumption, working directly with industry associations and a range of national, provincial, and city government institutions. They've succeeded in introducing the concept of the "coal cap" policy to the Chinese government; in their last 13th Five Year Plan, the government issued their first ever cap on national coal consumption (more information here). Noah's individual work this year has been mostly focused on data research, blog and article writing, translating reports and conference materials, and a bit of grant writing. He is currently in the process of kick-starting the next multi-year project, the "Oil Cap Project." Noah is also currently working with some of our DC colleagues on advocacy around China's Belt and Road Initiative and on tracking China's coal and renewable energy overseas financing.

Outside of NRDC, Noah's life in Beijing is focused on environmental issues. Beijing has a great environmental professional network, the Beijing Energy Network, which he volunteers with. Through this network, he co-founded and currently hosts a podcast that shares stories from China's environmental field. You can listen through iTunes and check out our Facebook page. Additionally, Noah works with an organization called Beijing Bamboo Bicycle, which teaches folks how to build their own bicycles out of bamboo. He has just finished building my second bike, and this last spring and fall, he helped to run over 50 classes for Chinese middle school students, teaching them about the importance of sustainability and about how to assemble bicycles.

Anna Berglund (’16)

Anna in front of the capital building  

After leaving Amherst, Anna worked with a solar company and a voting rights group before landing with the New York Legal Assistance Group, a non-profit legal aid firm, in March 2017. She's currently a paralegal working in the Consumer Protection Unit, advocating on behalf of homeowners facing foreclosure in order to keep them in their homes. She's excited to start a legal career and is hopeful that she can use this experise in the field of environmentalism moving forward. Anna enjoys living in Brooklyn and loves NYC for it's public transportation, but miss Amherst for the trees, mountains, and people.

Malinda (Lindy) Labriol (’17)

Malinda (Lindy) hiking on Mt. Heggmotind in Norway Malinda (Lindy) giving a speech at the Nobel Institute

Malinda (Lindy) Labriola '17 graduated from Amherst College with degrees in Geology and English, as well as a Five College Certificate in Native American and Indigenous Studies. She is currently on a Fulbright research fellowship in northern Norway studying the widespread and impactful shifts in short and long-term climate processes resulting from global climate change, as well as Scandinavia's local and indigenous societal response to this change. In addition to researching the dynamics of the Arctic Circle, Lindy (along with a dedicated team of other Amherst alumni) has recently developed a renewable energy non-profit, inourhands.love (IOH). IOH provides free, renewable energy plants to struggling or low-income communities in an effort to make clean energy affordable and equitable (learn more at www.inourhands.love). Above, she is pictured hiking up Heggmotind, a famous Norweigan mountain and giving a speech at the Nobel Institute, in Oslo, Norway. 

Thank you to the alumni who shared their pictures and their work with us!