By Erko Sakhiyeva ‘25 - Outreach and Engagement Fellow

In my role as the Outreach and Engagement Fellow, it is incredibly gratifying to collaborate with other fellows, facilitate in-between project relations, and communicate with the community on campus and beyond. Such informational outreach ensures enlightenment and accountability. With the Office being on hiatus for the past couple of years, our team has made inspired and tangible efforts to build up our capacity and once again serve the Amherst community this semester. I supported the Office’s relaunch by reviving social media, newsletters, the blog you are reading, events, and campaigns.

A line of people in an office wearing masks

Office of Sustainability Team (left to right): the Green Dean, Margot, The Fellows, Selena, Sara, Emily, Erko, Parker, Shreya,
and the Director of Sustainability, Weston Dripps

A 3x4 grid with Instgram posts

A glimpse into the visual identity of the Office of Sustainability on Instagram

I was responsible for developing the visual identity of the Office of Sustainability, in charge of marketing. I spend a lot of my time making infographics, posters, social media posts, and videos. I got to hone my digital design skills in creating visual content, stickers, and merch. It is fulfilling to see how impactful my work has been in promoting sustainability – our Instagram Reels have reached an audience far beyond our campus, going beyond neighboring universities even. On the one hand, our online presence is a way for effective communication with the Amherst community and beyond about what we do, what is essential, and what needs to be addressed. On the other hand, it is a documentation of the progress of our work to look back upon in the future.

Director of Sustainability, Wes Dripps, has entrusted me with making a kind of manual for the next generations of Sustainability Fellows to continue a cohesive visual identity for the Office. I continuously make templates and guides for the following teams for different types of digital marketing, including the newsletter, posts, and stories of varying purposes.

My projects have been diverse and rapid, as I had to be involved with varying parts of our team’s work. This included a wide range of activities. I got to work with faculty, such as Professor Jenna Riegel, to highlight the collaboration between the Office of Sustainability and her class to create a performance on planned obsolescence in manufacturing. Joining efforts with other clubs and organizations at Amherst College, such as Student Health Educators and Religious & Spiritual Life, has also been a vital part of working as a Communications and Outreach Fellow.

I am excited for what more is to come and be done at the Office to sustain the herd.

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