Student workers on the Book and Plow Farm

Book & Plow Farm

Book & Plow Farm provides Amherst students with delicious organically grown produce, beautiful views, and the chance to get their hands dirty—figuratively and literally.

Sustainable & Responsible Investments Report

December 2017

Amherst College’s Office of Investment and Investment Committee are committed to a dynamic and ongoing process of inquiry, analysis and engagement with Amherst’s investment partners around environmental considerations. See a portfolio update, and numbers for manager engagement, sustainable and responsible investment efforts and more. Read the report...

Sustainability Report

May 2, 2016

In 2015, the College Board of Trustees approved a Statement on Sustainability and Investment Policy, which acknowledged the grave threat posed by climate change, and supported the development of a strategy for achieving a carbon-neutral footprint on campus. The statement committed the College to “adopt policies that embed sustainability in its operations, in its investment process and in its life as a community,” and stipulated that progress be reported regularly to the Amherst community.

The first report outlines a number of specific initiatives, which touch in various ways on operations, investments and the life of the community. Read the report...

Annual Report

December 2015

Climate change is a defining issue of our time. Over the past decade, we have taken significant steps to reduce our campus’ greenhouse gas emissions, including switching to lower carbon fuel sources, adding a co-generation plant to create heat and electricity from those fuel sources more efficiently, designing and constructing buildings following a high performance building standard, and completing recommissioning and deep energy retrofits of existing buildings to further improve our campus energy intensity. These actions have resulted in a 30 percent reduction in emissions from 2006 levels. However, we know that to drive even stronger action and further reduce our emissions, we needed to set quantitative greenhouse gas reduction targets and consistently report on our progress.

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