Amherst College has been proactive in creating an environmentally safe campus for more than 20 years.Green products have already created a safer and healthier environment for students, faculty and staff by reducing exposure to toxic chemicals.Nearly 80 percent of the products used in housekeeping are green!

The College has created an aerosol-free environment. All cleaning products are dispensed using non-aerosol spray containers, which are safer for the employee and the environment.

We use eco-friendly roll towels and toilet paper made from 100 percent recycled paper, produced with 100 percent wind-generated power.This reduces our carbon footprint and saves trees while promoting the use of recycled paper.

Dispensing systems are used to avoid over dilution of cleaning products, which is wasteful, can harm the cleaning surface and can pose a risk to the employee.

 All battery-operated equipment purchased is powered by dry-cell batteries, which are more environmentally friendly, safer when charging and easier to recycle.

Our commitment to using products and equipment that are environmentally friendly includes the use of recycled mops made from plastic and microfiber cloths, which in many cases allows cleaning without the use of additional cleaning products.

Our automotive shop utilizes a highly concentrated natural citrus solvent cleaner-degreaser.This contains no petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents, making it safer for the environment and the staff who use it.

The college's two largest buildings, Merrill Science Center and the Athletic Complex, utilize Tersano Ozone Systems. These units tranform ordinary tap water into an effective toxin-free commercial cleaner by infusing it with ozone. The units have replaced all chemicals in these buildings except for a degreaser that is used to clean oils that build up in showers. The new Greenway dormitories will be fitted with the same systems and the college aims to introduce them throughout the campus.