The Past as Present: Selected Thoughts & Essays

Paul T. Ruxin
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Published by Amherst College

Compiled and edited by Gordon M. Pradl ’65 and Samuel B. Ellenport ’65, with an introduction by Henry Clay Folger Professor of English, Emeritus, William H. Pritchard ’53.

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An Amherst Boyhood by Alfred E. Stearns, 1946. $6 (hardcover)

Amherst, Massachusetts, Imprints 1825-1876, Newton Felch McKeon and Katharine Conover Cowles, editors, 1946. $6 (hardcover)

The Amherst Memorial Volume, A Record of the Contribution Made by Amherst College and Amherst Men in the World War, 1914-1918 by Claude Moore Fuess, 1926. $6 (hardcover)

Benjamin Goodall Symon, Jr., His Biography and Letters by Lowell Russell Ditzen, 1963. $6  (hardcover)

Black Women of Amherst College by Mavis C. Campbell, 1999. $20 (hardcover)

Charles Hamilton Houston (1895-1950) by Robert A. Gross. $6 (softcover)

The College on the Hill, Celebrating the 175th Anniversary of Amherst College 1821-1996, Amherst College Archives, 1996. $30 — Softcover

The Coming of Man by John M. Tyler, 1923. $6 (hardcover)

Curious Footprints: Professor Hitchcock's Dinosaur Tracks & Other Natural History Treasures at Amherst College, text by Nancy Pick '83, photographs by Frank Ward, 2006. $20 (softcover)

The Development of The Art Collection of Amherst College, 1821-1971 by Charles H. Morgan, 1972. $6 (hardcover)

The Development of the Art Collection of Amherst College, 1821-1971 by Charles H. Morgan, 1972. $1.99 — Kindle Edition (Click here to download!)

Dionysus: The Tragedy of Nietzsche by Otto Manthey-Zorn, 1956. $6 (hardcover)

Dwight W. Morrow, Memorial Addresses Delivered to Congress, 1932. $6 (hardcover)

Dwight Whitney Morrow--A Sketch in Admiration by Hewitt H. Howland, 1930. $6 (hardcover)

English at Amherst: A History by Theodore Baird, edited and with an introduction by William H. Pritchard, 2005. $25 (hardcover)

Essays in Biblical Interpretation by Henry Preserved Smith, 1921. $6 (hardcover)

The Fabulous Unicorn by Peter Burnett Howe, 1959. $6 (hardcover)

The Freshman Who Hated Socrates: A College President Reflects on Life in the Liberal Arts by Tom Gerety, 2007. $25 — Hardcover

Gender Matters: The First Half-Century of Women Teaching at Amherst, by Elizabeth Aries, Rose Olver and Jane Taubman, 2014. $25 (softcover)

General Education at Amherst, Essays on the Introduction to Liberal Studies Program 1978-1982, Frederick T. Griffiths, Allen Kropf and Kirsten M. Cronin, editors, 1982. $4 — Softcover

A History of the Endowment of Amherst College by Stanley King, 1950. $6 - Hardcover, $4 — Softcover

In Other Words--Amherst in Prose and Verse, Horace W. Hewlett, editor, 1964. $6 - Hardcover, $4 — Softcover

John William Ward: An American Idealist, by Kim Townsend, 2014. $30 (hardcover)

Joseph B. Eastman, Servant of the People by Claude Moore Fuess, 1952. $6 — Hardcover

Letters of Elizabeth Stearns Tyler by Elizabeth Stearns Tyler, 1920. $6 — Hardcover

The Life Indeed, A Review, in Terms of Common Thinking, of the Scripture History Issuing in Immortality by John Franklin Genung, 1921. $6 — Hardcover

The Lost Portraits of Thomas Jefferson Painted by Gilbert Stuart by Orland Campbell and Courtney Campbell, 1959. $4 — Softcover

The Miner's Freedom, A Study of the Working Life in a Changing Industry by Carter Goodrich, 1925. $6 — Hardcover

Mornings at 8:50 by George Frisbie Whicher, 1950. $6 — Hardcover

The New England College in the Age of the University by George E. Peterson, 1964. $6 — Hardcover

Parties and Party Leaders by Anson Daniel Morse, 1923. $6— Hardcover

Passages of Time, Narratives in the History of Amherst College, edited and with several selections by Douglas C. Wilson. 2007. $25 — Hardcover

The Passing of the Springfield Republican by John J. Scanlon, 1950. $6 — Hardcover

Piety and Intellect at Amherst College 1865-1912 by Thomas LeDuc, 1946. $6 — Hardcover

The Plimpton Collection of French and Indian War Items by J. C. Long, 1934. $6 — Hardcover; $4 — Softcover

Poetry Amherst: A Sesquicentennial Anthology of Poems by Alumni of Amherst College, Richard Aldridge, editor, 1972. $6 — Hardcover

Poetry and Civilization by George Frisbie Whicher, 1955. $6 — Hardcover

Sabrina, Being a Chronicle of the Life of the Goddess of Amherst College by Winthrop H. Smith, Halvor R. Steward and John G. Gibson II, 1921. $6 — Hardcover

The Seed and the Sowers, A Series of Chapel Talks on the History of Amherst College and a Play about Its Founding by F. Curtis Canfield, 1955. $6 — Hardcover

The Selected Papers and Addresses of Joseph B. Eastman, G. Lloyd Wilson, editor, 1948. $6 — Hardcover

The Spoken Word, Speeches Made During His Presidency by Calvin Hastings Plimpton, 1971. $10 — Hardcover

Stanley King of Amherst by Claude Moore Fuess, 1955. $6 — Hardcover

Studies in Philosophy and Pyschologyby former students of Charles Edward Garman, 1906. $6 — Hardcover

Teachers of History, Essays in Honor of Laurence Bradford Packard, H. Stuart Hughes, editor, 1954. $6 — Hardcover

Teaching What We Do by Amherst College Faculty, 1991. $15 — Hardcover

Who Am I in this Picture? Amherst College Portraits with Brett Cook and Wendy Ewald, 2009. $25 — Softcover