The Bailey Brown House

The Arts at Amherst Initiative provides housing for sponsored guest artists and scholars visiting campus at the Bailey Brown House. The Initiative prioritizes housing for guests directly involved with faculty or staff whose main purpose is to create new artistic work, or enlarge the conversation around the arts at Amherst. Housing may also be available for other priorities, depending on availability. Requests must be made by a sponsor directly involved in the guest’s visit. The hosting sponsor must be an employee of Amherst College.

The Bailey Brown House is located at 19 Hitchcock Road in Amherst. Explore the Bailey Brown House Virtual Tour for a complete guide to the home. 

We request a minimum notice of three weeks prior to the guest's arrival date. Please review the complete Bailey Brown House guidelines.

The Bailey Brown House has four bedrooms:

Image of white queen sized bed on a brown wood floor, with the foot of the bed facing a brown desk. On the desk is a gold lamp, and next to it are two black chairs. Also visible are two windows, a small abstract painting, and the bathroom door.

The East Suite
Upstairs bedroom, queen bed, full private bathroom
Image of a white full-sized bed with a blue blanekt at the feet, facing a brown desk and chair. Two large windows with beige curtains are visible, as is a green and grey abstract painting.

The Southwest Room
Upstairs bedroom, full bed, shared bathroom

Image of a white queen sized bed with a blue blanket at the feet, and pillows with orange accents. On either side is a nightstand and a small lamp. A desk and chair are visible on the left.

North Front Room
Upstairs bedroom, queen bed, shared bathroom
Image of a white twin-sized bed with a black blanket at the foot. On two walls are brown-framed windows, and on the third visible wall is a wooden bookshelf.

The Phil
Ground floor bedroom, twin bed, shared upstairs bathroom

Requests must be made a minimum of three weeks prior to guest's arrival date. Please provide the following information to inquire about availability of space in the Bailey Brown House. 

Guest Guidelines
In accordance with Amherst College policy, visitors to the Bailey Brown House are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test prior to entering the house. All guests should be prepared to use a shared bathroom, and to share space with up to three other guests. KN95 masks will be provided in the kitchen, but are not required to be worn inside. Because Bailey Brown House is a shared housing accommodation, if guests are uncomfortable with these guidelines we ask faculty sponsors to find alternative accommodations.
Check here to indicate awareness that the Bailey Brown House is NOT an accessible building.
There is one step to enter the Bailey Brown House. Access to a bathroom with a shower is only available on the second floor, up a flight of stairs. The house is not fragrance-free.
Guest Information
Guest Information (2)
Guest Information (3)
Guest Information (4)
Additional Guest Information
If applicable, are the guests working with a faculty member on a piece?
Will the guests be participating in classroom activities with you as part of a course?
Will the guests present at a public event?
If none of the answers to the previous three questions is "yes," is the primary purpose of the visit to support the guest in doing their own work?
I give permission for Amherst College to use any relevant information in Arts at Amherst promotional material

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