Three close-up photos of streams, with reflections of light on the water, rocks underneath, and shadows of trees

Art Ecologies, a year-long program of events organized by The Arts at Amherst Initiative, explores the confluence of art and ecology through a series of performances, workshops and discussions led by artists who are engaged with art that is focused on our relationship to ecological systems and materials.

Utilizing various mediums, Art Ecologies pushes forward new questions about the relationship between humans and the environment. It explores myriad ways that artists engaged in ecological practice can help preserve, protect and reinvigorate the vital resources, habitats and wildlife of the earth, while simultaneously investigating the ways art can be used to inform the public about the environmental problems we face and proposing new and creative possibilities for sustainability.

Art Ecologies features work by multimedia artist Saya Woolfalk, printmaker Lyell Castonguay, director/choreogrpaher Wendy Woodson, musician Vic Rawlings, designer Kathy Couch, choreographer Sarah Smith and designer Ted Esselstyn.