Amherst LEADS Hosts First Futures Elective Night

AMHERST, Mass. -- On Monday, October 15, Amherst LEADS hosted its first ever Elective Night for its Futures Program. The sophomore and junior Amherst student-athletes enrolled in the Futures Program were given the option of choosing between three different programs, all of which offered different perspectives on leadership. LEADS’ guests for this evening included Chicago White Sox’s Sports Psychologist Dr. Jeffery Fishbein, communication and leadership consultant Blair Bloomston from Game On Nation, and current Dartmouth College student and founder of Immudicon, Riley Ennis.

Jeffrey Fishbein
Nationally recognized sports psychologist Dr. Jeffery Fishbein, who was the Sports Psychology consultant for the Florida Marlins during their 2003 Championship season, shared with the Amherst student-athletes a program entitled “S.I.M.P.L.E. Sports” that provided them with tangible exercises designed to build confidence and increase performance both on and off the field. Dr. Fishbein’s presentation focused on a variety of mental skill techniques such as imagery and self-talk, but also advocated the mindset of approaching performance through a variety of experiential and interactive methods. 
Blair Bloomston
Blair Bloomston, the Associate Director and Co-Founder of Game On Nation, who has previously consulted numerous NFL and NBA first round draft picks such as Carmelo Anthony, facilitated a second session on the subject of creative leadership. Bloomston incorporated exercises that challenged the student-athletes to think outside the box and provided avenues to address and tieback specific leadership qualities and skills. 
Riley Ennis

Finally, Amherst LEADS was also joined by current Dartmouth student Riley Ennis, who challenged the Amherst student-athletes to define and climb their “Everest” over the course of an hour-long dialogue. Ennis, who is currently working to develop a cancer vaccine derived from horseshoe crabs, stressed to a captive audience the importance of taking on challenges in the face of persistent obstacles.