Amherst LEADS Election Talk

Brendan Nyhan

AMHERST, Mass-On Thursday, November 1st, Amherst LEADS welcomed Dartmouth political scientist and media critic Brendan Nyhan. Nyhan, who previously co-authored the New York Times bestseller All the President’s Spin and currently blogs for Columbia Journalism Review about the coverage of the 2012 campaign, shared with the Amherst College community a presentation entitled “Unconventional Wisdom about Election 2012: What the Media Get Wrong About Presidential Campaigns”. Utilizing quantitative analysis, Nyhan argued that the media tend to overstate the importance of independent voters, gaffes, debates, and momentum in deciding Presidential elections, while understating the importance of conventions and economic indicators.   

For those interested in future leadership programming, Amherst LEADS will be offering an Interterm course this coming January, with more details to be announced in the near future.